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Game Changer Workout


Gym Workout

Treadmill Warmup 5min 

Assisted Pullup Machine       4 x 10 

Preacher Curl Machine          4 x 10

Rebounder Sit-Up                   5 x 10 

Cable Trunk Twist                   3 x 12 Each Side 

Rope Tricep Pushdown          5 x 12 


V Up with Soft Bar Press x10 

Battle Rope Slams x20 

Plank Shoulder Tap x15 Each Side 

Superman x20 

Repeat 4x 


Home Workout

20 Crunches 

20 Mt. Climbers 

20 Russian Twists 

20 Bicycle Crunches 

20 Squat Jumps

Repeat 3x 


20 Lunge Jumps

10 Floors of Stairs

10 Toe Ups 

10 Burpees  

Repeat 3x