24/7 Gym Access

Embrace the convenience and flexibility of our 24/7 gym access, designed to accommodate your busy lifestyle. With our state-of-the-art security system, gaining entry to our facility is easy. Each member is provided with a personalized key fob, granting them access to the front door at any time of the day or night. No matter your schedule, our gym is ready to welcome you whenever you're ready to seize the opportunity to work out.

Court Info

Our facility offers two indoor tennis courts and eight indoor pickleball courts, so players of all skill levels can enjoy their favorite sports year-round. Whether you prefer a competitive match or a casual game, our courts are available for rent, ensuring everyone has the opportunity to play. Additionally, we provide open play sessions for both pickleball and tennis, allowing individuals to join in and socialize with fellow players. To enhance convenience, our online reservation system enables players to easily secure their desired court time. Come and enjoy our top-notch facilities for an unforgettable pickleball or tennis experience.

Equipment, Turf, and

Group Fitness Area


We have a wide array of new Hammer Strength and Life Fitness equipment, ensuring a top-notch workout experience. From sleek weights, plates, and body sculpting equipment, to sturdy punching bags, we have everything you need to elevate your training regimen. Our facility also has a 360 Synergy machine, designed to provide a holistic and comprehensive workout.


Our versatile turf space offers a dynamic environment for various training activities. Whether you're looking to engage in agility drills, functional exercises, or sport-specific workouts, our turf area is designed to accommodate it all. With its cushioned and durable surface, it provides a comfortable yet resilient platform for your fitness endeavors. Challenge yourself with sled pushes or sprints, as the turf area invites you to push boundaries and unleash your full potential.

Group Fitness Area

Our group fitness space combines the best of both worlds, utilizing the turf, machines, ropes, weights, and more to engage every part of your body. Join our expert instructors as you enjoy our group classes that will challenge and transform you. Whether it's high-intensity interval training, circuit workouts, or specialized programs, our group fitness area ensures a engaging experience for participants of all fitness levels.


Party Rentals
Introducing our exciting range of birthday party packages! Whether you're planning a fun-filled celebration for your loved ones or a memorable event for your child, our packages offer the perfect combination of entertainment and convenience. Here are our options:

Activity Package - $250:
Step up the excitement with our Activity Package, which includes exclusive access to our party space, plus a variety of engaging games. Enjoy rounds of dodgeball, test your accuracy with cornhole, and showcase your skills with pickleball. Along with these games, you will have one staff member to ensure a fantastic time for all attendees.

Inflatable Fun Package - $350:
This package includes all the elements of the Activity Package and an additional inflatable attraction to enhance the excitement. Jump, slide, and bounce your way through a fantastic inflatable structure, providing endless fun for partygoers of all ages. You will have two dedicated staff members to manage the activities and ensure a safe and enjoyable environment.

Ultimate Party Package - $450:
Our Ultimate Party Package offers the ultimate birthday experience. In addition to everything included in the Inflatable Fun Package, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy not just one, but two inflatable attractions. These inflatables will keep your guests entertained and active throughout the celebration. With two staff members present, you can relax and create unforgettable memories.

No matter which package you choose, we guarantee a fantastic time filled with laughter, games, and fun. Book your birthday party package today and get ready for an unforgettable celebration!

Corporate Team Building Events

Our fitness corporate team building activities are a unique and fun way to build team morale, strengthen relationships and increase productivity. Our experienced instructors will work with each participant to ensure that everyone is comfortable and has fun while learning new ways to work as a team.
These activities include group fitness for health and mobility and a 20 minute duathalon with prizes. Then you can select two additional events from the list below. Your team will work together to complete tasks that test their physical, mental, and emotional strengths. They will gain confidence, trust, and motivation to work together more efficiently.
We also provide a wide range of services, from nutrition and fitness advice to personalized training and dietary plans.
Let us help you make your team building a memorable experience!
For more information call Sheila King:

5-10 People
3 Hours, by Appointment Only
Protein/Greens Shake Provided

Ginger & Turmeric Wellness Shot Class
Inflatable Obstacle Course
Pickleball/Tennis Lesson/Game
Dance Class - pending availability
... and more!